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Your Agility Trainers

Lynn Anderson

Lynn and Credit

Lynn has been competing in Agility with her border collies since 1985, and has been teaching for over 25 years.
Finalist in several major competitions, and winner with her dog Rosie of the last ever national Pro Dogs Agility final in 1993.

David Lay

David Lay - Looking out for the competition!

Dave Lay has been competing with his Border Collie Darcy, for the past 8 years. Together they have enjoyed considerable success, winning out from grade 1 to grade 6 within 12 months of starting competition and also becoming the UK Agility Starters Champion in 2009.
Dave and Darcy originally started obedience training with Warlingham DTC, successfully gaining the KC Bronze and Silver Good Citizens Award before joining Sunniday and Pachesham dog clubs where they both train every week.
The pair also still compete, although Darcy is now in his veteran years! Dave is a very patient trainer, who understands that what works for one dog (or handler) might not work for another. He is happy to tailor his approach to suit the specific needs of each dog (and giving up is never an option!)


During the run-up to Crufts, Ringcraft will run until 10.00 pm on Tuesdays

Triathlon + 1. 2017

Our Triathlon Plus 1 took place on July 16th. Congratulations to the winning team, Little & Large. Full results and photos on the Latest News page.

Letter to us from Waggy Tails

Last year's charity, read it here...

Missing Dogs

It's devastatng if your dog goes missing, but remember there are people who will help you. Contact DogLost (Link on the left column of our home page) your local Dog Warden and your dog's microchip organisation straight away.
More advice Here...


Welcome to Agility Training.

It's true to say that Agility is not anything like as easy as it looks, but it's great fun for both you and your dog, and it will develop a great teamwork between the two of you.

Teaching the individual items of equipment is fairly straightforward, the skill in this sport is in directing the dog from obstacle to obstacle in the most efficient way and in the fastest time!

What you need to know before you join the Agility classes.

Your dog will need to be at least 12 months old, and reasonably fit.  

You need to be able to have full control of your dog when he is off the lead in the company of other dogs, and he needs to be listening to you while working.

Be prepared for some hard work.  Like other dog sports, proficiency will only be gained by regular practise as well as club training sessions.

Like all training, you will get out of it what you put in to it!


Information About Agility Classes

Club requirements before accepting a new dog on the course...

Must be 12 months plus with up to date inoculation record.
Responds well to the commands of Sit, Wait and Recall.
Handler has full control when on/off lead when in close proximity with other dogs.

Trenham DrIve Warlingham CR6 9RJ Sports Ground.
Monday evenings beginners 7.45 to 8.30 maximum 8 dogs per trainer.
( Beginners are offered a 'Free Try Out' date before committing to the full course and becoming a club member.)

To register for Agility classes, contact Warlinghamdtcagility@gmail.com


End of Season Competition Evening 2016

Some photos of our end of season fun competition evening, Summer 2016.

Agility Competition evening 2016

Agility Competition evening 2016

Agility Competition evening 2016

Agility Competition evening 2016

Agility Competition evening 2016 Des
Des and Alfie

Agility Competition evening 2016 Sasha

Agility Competition evening 2016

Agility Competition evening 2016
Darcy with Blythe


End of Season Fun Evening  17th August 2015

Another successful fun competition evening with nibbles and lemonade. After devising a complicated scoring system involving times over three rounds and adding faults, we arrived at the following results...

6.30 Class

1st Hollie and Cooper
2nd Ian and Sasha
3rd Tim and Sid
4th Marion and Ruby
5th Sue and Jess
6th Andrea and Harvey
Special Brenda and Remus

7.30 Class

1st Andrea and Louie
2nd Des and Alfie
3rd Janet and Ruby
4th Sue and Rosie
5th Lin and Mollie
6th Liz and Chloe

Sorry if I've spelt anyone's name wrong, or their dog's name, (let me know and I'll change it.) 
The results were all close, you all did well, we've had a lovely bunch of members doing Agility this year, with some lovely dogs. We hope you all enjoyed your training and will come back next summer.

Agility Competition Evening
At least the weather stayed dry!

Agility Evening, waiting for Results
Computing the results was not easy. Thankfully Blythe can do arithmetic!


End of Agility 2nd Term Fun Evening 18-8-2014

As usual we had a fun competition evening, unfortunately it appears that no one took any photos!  But each competitor had two goes at the course and we scored it by taking the fastest time for each dog and adding one second for each fault incurred overall. (Fortunately Dave is quite good at arithmetic!)

6.30 Class:
Two lovely rounds and only 5 faults made Allan and Sophie well deserved winners. Placings were...

1st.... Allan Roadnight and Sophie
2nd... Nick Collister and Toby
3rd.... Catherine Jones and Benji
4th.... Lucie Allan and Otto
5th.... Sarah Read and Prince
6th.... Kate Lambert and Charlie

7.30 Class
A more challenging course, and the winner was a dog who only started Agility this year! Full results were...

1st.... Ryan Staveley and Roxy
2nd... Sue Whitehorn and Rosy
3rd.... Janet Whiteley and Ruby
4th.... Liz Slaughter and Chloe
5th.... Fiona Chadwick and Jet
6th.... Lori Butler and Molly
7th.... Des Donohoe and Alfie
8th.... Pete Smith and Alfie
9th.... Lucy Brennan and Jasper


End of Agility 1st Term Fun Evening 23-6-2014

Fortunately it was a fine sunny evening for the fun competition evening to mark the end of the first Agility Term for 2014.

A bit of socialising, some nibbles and a couple of Dave's courses this time.
Thanks to Sheila for taking the photographs...

Agility competition evening
Ready to go...

Agility Competition evening
Simon with Paddy awaiting their turn...

Agility Competition evening
A discussion of tactics

Agility Competition evening
An admiring audience

Agility Competition evening
Time for the later class to have a go. Melissa and Bert

Agility Competition evening
Des and Alfie

Agility Competition evening
Andrea and Louie

Agility Competition evening
Liz waiting to go with Chloe

Agility Competition evening
Highest placed competitors from the second class

Unfortunately drizzle started just as the later class were receiving their certificates and rosettes.  But hopefully everyone had an enjoyable evening with their dogs.


End of Second Term Fun Evening 2013.

Monday 16th September was the last evening of Agility for 2013. Naturally it was another excuse for a competition, some awards, and a bit of a party.

Thanks to everyone who made the evening so much fun, and special thanks to Lynn and David for teaching during the summer, and Blythe who has done all the agility admin for 2 years, and is taking a break ......though she hopes to get an invite to the parties!

Dave advises how to run his course
Dave demonstrates the best way to run his course

THinking about how to run Lynn's course
Thinking about how to run Lynn's course. (No one wants to go first!)

Enjoying a social evening
Plenty of nibbles provided by Blythe, and a chance to socialise

By the time the prizes were handed out, we were in the dark, but always ready to show off, the winners were photographed in the store room!

Group One Competition:
1st - Sandy and Bru
2nd - Nick and Betty
3rd - Nicola and Oakley
Group One winners
Sandy, Nick and Nicola receive their awards in the container

Group Two Competition:
1st - Sue and Rosy
2nd - Janet and Ruby
3rd - Lottie and Monty
Group Two winners
This IS Sue, Janet and Lottie with their dogs, but you'll have to take my word for it!


End of First Term Fun Evening.

Monday 1st July 2013 was the last Agility session of Term 1. We awarded certificates and had a fun competition and a bit of a party to raise some money for Medical Detection Dogs. A good time was had by all. Unfortunately, our photographer didn't take too many photos fit for printing!  Here's what we got...

Thank you Blythe, for organising the drinks and nibbles

Class 2 Prizewinners
Prizewinners from Class 2 - Andrea and Louie, Janet and Ruby, Sue and Rosy

Brian with his certificate
The chairman of our club, examining his rosette and certificate!