Welcome to Agility Training


New beginners: Welcome to Agility. You will be emailed a payment request for the first course, if not a member you will also be asked to pay membership subscription fees via our clubs online registration page. Please pay these promptly to guarantee yourself a place.

Club members returning to agility training: Please arrange your payment before the course commences to assist the treasurer. An email will be sent to you from paysubsonline to pay your class fees.


WDTC now offers two Tues afternoon beginner agility classes and one intermediate class, for dogs aged 12 months and over, with our instructors Fiona Tinwell and Jeanette Bode.

Term Dates for evening classes will be announced shortly.


Agility Training


It's true to say that Agility is not anything like as easy as it looks, but it's great fun for both you and your dog, and it will develop a great teamwork between the two of you.

Teaching the individual items of equipment is fairly straightforward, the skill in this sport is in directing the dog from obstacle to obstacle in the most efficient way and in the fastest time!

What you need to know before you join the Agility classes.

Your dog will need to be at least 12 months old, and reasonably fit.  

You need to be able to have full control of your dog when he is off the lead in the company of other dogs, and he needs to be listening to you while working.

Be prepared for some hard work.  Like other dog sports, proficiency will only be gained by regular practise as well as club training sessions.

Like all training, you will get out of it what you put in to it!

Information About Agility Classes.

Club requirements before accepting a new dog on the course...

Must be at least 12 months old.
Responds well to the commands of Sit, Wait and Recall.
Handler has full control when on/off lead when in close proximity with other dogs.
All dogs should be kept on leads unless under instruction.  No Flexi leads please.


Bring a poo bag, if dog fouls inside the GPO ground this must be cleared up.
Wear comfortable non-slip running footwear that will give good grip on grass that may be wet!
Bring dog toys - tuggies work well. If you have titbits, please keep them in a small container.
Please bring water for your dog and refreshment for yourself and something to sit on if required

Trenham DrIve Warlingham CR6 9RU Sports Ground.
Monday evenings beginners, arr 6.30pm for a 6.45 start. Maximum 8 dogs per trainer.
( Beginners are offered a 'Free Try Out' date before committing to the full course and becoming a club member.)

To register for Agility classes, contact Warlinghamdtcagility@gmail.com


Agility Training

Your Agility Trainers

Lynn Anderson

Lynn and Credit

Lynn has been competing in Agility with her border collies since 1985, and has been teaching for over 25 years.
Finalist in several major competitions, and winner with her dog Rosie of the last ever national Pro Dogs Agility final in 1993.

David Lay

David Lay - Looking out for the competition!

Dave Lay has been competing with his Border Collie Darcy, for the past 8 years. Together they have enjoyed considerable success, winning out from grade 1 to grade 6 within 12 months of starting competition and also becoming the UK Agility Starters Champion in 2009.
Dave and Darcy originally started obedience training with Warlingham DTC, successfully gaining the KC Bronze and Silver Good Citizens Award before joining Sunniday and Pachesham dog clubs where they both train every week.
The pair also still compete, although Darcy is now in his veteran years! Dave is a very patient trainer, who understands that what works for one dog (or handler) might not work for another. He is happy to tailor his approach to suit the specific needs of each dog (and giving up is never an option!)

Fiona Tinwell

"I came back from Egypt in 1993 and was determined to have a dog to work in agility having seen it on tv when in England. I had had a collie as a child but my husband had owned a beardie before, so we ended up with not one but 2 beautiful beardies. I began training up at Warlingham in 1994 and then subsequently went on to compete and train at various other clubs. My first beardies won me out of Elementary. My next won me out of Starters and reached Grade4. My next dog who is now approaching 14, is a 3/4 collie 1/4 beardie and worked at Grade 6. Then I got a collie x lurcher who stayed in Grade 3 but got to 2 finals and got a lot of 2nd places. My last and current dog is a rescue Working Beardie from Wales. He is 4 and has won into Grade 4. This week he has reached the ABC finals at Dinas and achieved a 3rd in G4 Agility. I teach Agility at Keston Agility Club and at Northdowns Agility Club near Guildford. I love to see both dog and handler growing in skills and confidence. Seeing the bond grow between dog and handler is very rewarding. Ultimately it is all about having fun with your best friends."