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The first term of 2018 started on January 8th. Fees ahould have been paid.

Class fees vary and are payable by the term. Please contact us for details.


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Ringcraft is on Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm. Classes have now stopped for Christmas and will re-start January 9th 2018

Class fee 5 per dog. Payable weekly.

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Waggy Tails

Allison Burrows – ‘My Crufts Experience’

Allison and Lydia at Crufts

Earlier this year, as some of you may know, my dog Lydia and I competed at Crufts in the Kennel Club Special Pre Beginner finals. It was a fantastic experience and I would encourage all of you out there who are training your dogs to have a go at competing with them, as there is no reason why you couldn’t get there too.

I started with pet obedience 7 years ago. I got chocolate Labrador litter sisters, and thought that if I didn’t make sure they were trained I could end up with two very naughty dogs. I found Warlingham DTC and started at classes. I had no interest in competing - only in having well behaved pet dogs, but after 2-3 years and having done my good citizen scheme awards I was encouraged by others at the club to have a go. My first attempt was a disaster. I was working both dogs at the show, one saw the other waiting with my sister outside the ring and ran out to say hello. Then in the stay ring both decided to get up and go for a wander, not a good start!

We didn’t give up though, and at last year’s Petersfield show we got our second place which qualified us for the KC Special Pre-Beginner semi-finals which were held at Discover Dogs. So in November last year we travelled up to Earls Court for the semi-final. We had a great day. We were quite early in the running order and when I checked our scores we were in a qualifying position. We then had to sit and wait for the rest of the class to compete to see if we could maintain our place in the top five in order to qualify for the final at Crufts. It was very nerve wracking. At the end of the class I was sure we had qualified, but until it was announced officially I didn’t want to get too excited. The final positions were announced and we had qualified in 5th place.

Competing at Cruft’s was just fantastic. Loads of people we have met through training and competing came along to our bench to wish us luck, and we were really well looked after by the Kennel Club. I wasn’t quite so nervous, as I have to admit my expectations were not that high. I was incredibly happy to be there, and my only hope was to not come last. Lydia had a great time, tail wagging all the way through the round. I think she quite enjoyed being the centre of attention in a ring surrounded by spectators. We did OK - could have done better - but ended up 15th out of 20. We left happy with our goody bag and Cruft’s rosette, which is something I never dreamed I would have in a million years.