Silver KCGC 25th November 2018


Rebecca Loxham with Loki Lynn Stiles Assessor Jordon Walkinshaw with Drogo


Maureen Rees with Hank, Ros Hutchings with Lexus, Lynn Stiles Assessor,
Lin Bergan with Tigger, Heidi Stone with Harley




25TH October 2018

Judge Lavinna Moore and her daughter as Steward

Puppy Class

1st : Trudy with Gracie May
2nd : Sue with Wilf
3rd: Anna with Poppy
4th: Sue with Angus
5th: Roz with Lexus
6th: Mandy with Gracie
Special Rosettes awarded as follows...
Mark with Jessie
Michelle with Buddy
Janet with Dobby
Mike with Lexie
Alan with Cassie
Amanda with Brandis
Sinead with Frankie

Puppy Class



Young Handler

1st : Ruby with Poppy
2nd: Maddi with Mr Tipp
3rd: Caitlin with Frankie
4th: Ethan with Buddy

Young Handler

Young Handler - Winner



1st : Rosalyn with Annie
2nd: Mandy with Rosie
3rd: Janet with Dobby
4th: Sue with Grace 5th:
Sheila with Jilly
6th: Lucy with Tommy



1st: Jo with Amber
2nd: Mark with Jessie
3rd: Trucy with Gracie May




1st : Christina with Boycie
2nd: Mandy with Luna
3rd: Sue with Angus
4th: Fred with Finzi
5th: Mike with Barney
6th: Amanda with Brandis
6th: Jill with Sydney

Non Sporting



1st : Roz with Lexas
2nd: Gilda with Mr Tipp
3rd: Michelle with Buddy
4th: Lucy with Tommy
5th: Janet with Dobby
5th: Fred with Finzi
6th: Mike and Lexie
6th: Rosalin and Annie




1st: Mike with Barney
2nd: Sheila with Jilly
3rd : Sue with Grace
4th: Mandy with Daisy



Best in show

1st : Roz with Lexus
Reserve : Christina with Boycie
Best Puppy : Trudy with Gracie May

Best in Show




Congratulations to the following...

Mike Mitchell with Bess passed gold on the 20th August with assessor Lynn Stiles

Mike and Bess
Mike Mitchell and Bess


Bronze passes on 20th September


Bronze. 20th Sept
Brian Cooper with Zoe, Rosalyn Heaton with Jack, Lucy Realls with Tommy, Barbara Vick with Dusty.
Assessor Jenny Harknett


Bronze passes
Trudy Thurston Moon with Gracie May, Jordan Walkinshaw with Drogo,
Phil Roots with Miso, Zoe Tharmasingham with Hudson



Agility Competition Evening

10th September 2018
Thanks to Jan Beatens for judging, and to WDTC for the nibbles.


Placings - 6.30 class

1st: David and Archie
2nd: Denise and Lily
3rd: Amanda and Freddie
4th: Alice and Eric

Placings - 7.30 class

1st: Sue and Rosy
2nd: Michelle and Poppy
3rd: Andrea and Harvey




Pat Faulkner and Misty were 4th in B Bitch at Ditton Obedience Show

Allison Burrows and Emma were 6th in Novice Bitch at Chesvale Obedience Show



Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze passes 16.8.2018

Ros Hutchings with Lexus
Anne Pinto-Wright with Tegan
Rebecca Loxham with Loki
Denyse Morris with Lily
Angela Ahmed with Koba

Bronze Aug 18



More Success with Cello!

Since her earlier achievements, Cello has now gained titles of a Champion of Romania and a Grand Champion of Romania, besides 2xBOB, 2xCAC and 2x CACIB.

Cello in Romania

More photos here...



Success with Cello

Pat & Ian Joynson have had great success with their young Porcelaine dog, Cello.

She is in the middle of her "European Tour" with her show handler.
In Poland she won several classes in multiple shows, including Best of Breed.
She has become a Champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Champion of Federation of Bosnia and Hercegovina.
In the next weeks, she is going to take part in shows in Poland, Romania, the Netherlands and Ireland.

We wish them every success.






At St.Edward's Obedience Show on July 7th
Katrina Arnold and Dermott were 4th in Introductory
Marion O'Neill and Mitzy were 2nd in Novice Bitch
Liz Evans and Abbie were 5th in A Bitch



WDTC Open Show 2018

Thank you to all the businesses and individuals who have supported Warlingham Open Show 2018.
For a full list of our sponsors and for photos, Please see here...



Rally O

We are starting a Rally O – (Rally obedience) new class at our Hillcrest Coulsdon CR5 2PT venue.

As this is a new class we are looking initially for members who have passed their Gold good citizen award, or are on the waiting list to take their gold test.
The places in this class are based on a first come first served basis. If the class becomes full we will have a waiting list and potentially look at other venues to create a new class later on.
The new class is to be held on Thursdays 9pm to 9.45pm, the trainer will be Vanessa Sultana.

Here are some links from u tube which show Rally O to give you an idea what goes on https


If you are interested please email with your name and dog name confirming you can attend the above class as soon as you can





Saturday June 23rd at Billinghurst Open Show...

Katrina Arnold and Dermott: 7th in Special Pre-Beginners (subject to confirmation, has qualified for Semi-finals)
Andrea Priestley and Louie: 2nd in Pre-Beginners
Sheila Croft and Jilly: 6th in Novice Bitch pt 2

Andrea in lineup
Andrea and Louie were second.


Sunday June 24th at South-Eastern Open Show..

Andrea Priestley and Louie: 4th in Pre-Beginners
Terry Kidd and Jaffa 6th in Novice Dog




KCGC Gold Awards  14th June 2018

Sarah Prior with Buddy
Anne Pinto-Wright with Harry
Victoria Stammars with Sasha
Katrina Arnold with Dermott
Fred Jaques with Finzi

Gold Award Winners
l to r - Sarah, Anne, Victoria, Katrina and Fred



KCGC Bronze Awards 12th June 2018

Amy Hulbert with Leo
Kate Trend with Maisie
Julia Webster with Harley

Amy - Leo
Amy and Leo

Kate - Masie
Kate and Masie

Julia - Harley
Julia and Harley



At Warlingham Obedience Show...
Pat Faulkner won A Bitch part 2,
Andrea Priestley was 4th in Pre Beginners, and
Katrina Arnold was 6th in Introductory

At Petersfield Obedience Show...
Pat Faulkner was 4th in B Bitch



KCGC Awards  Thursday 31st May 2018


Mark Oswald with Pippa
Mike Parker with Cookie
Maggie Motteram with Riya
Jessica Drewery with Lorcan
Debbie Parrish with Eilah

Silver Award WinnrsSilver Award Winners



Lin Bergan with Tigger
Jill Harris with Nula
Robert Gorman with Sam
Heidi Stone with Harley
Debbie Nattrass with Mina

Bronze Award WinnersBronze Award Winners






At Chesvale Open Obedience Show, Terry Kidd and Jaffa were 4th in Novice Dog...

Terry and Jaffa


...and Sheila Croft and Jilly were 5th in Novice Bitch.

Novice Bitch line up




Latest News

At Sirius Open Capped Obedience Show On March 26th,
Liz Evans and Abbie won A Bitch
Allison Burrows and Emma were 3rd in Novice Bitch