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KC Good Citizen Awards

Congratulations to all the following...

Bronze Awards 25th January 2018

Wendy Fynn and Kyuss
Maggie Mottram and Riya
Linda Harris and Rocky
Debbie Parrish and Esther

Silver Awards 25th January 2018

Rory Fynn and Lola
Jenny Dickens and Sammy
Lucie Allen and Montuu
Mary Boyce and Rosie
Hannah Shapland and Lacey

Bronze Awards 23rd November 2017

Sheila Kemp with Bonnie
Lucie Allan with Montu
Mike Parker with Cookie
Hannah Shapland with Disney
Bruce Grant with Merlin

Examiner was Mary Jamieson

Silver Awards 25th September 2017

Lucy Allan with Otto
Anne Pinto-Wright with Harry

Bronze Awards 25th September 2017

Sue McCourt with Dylan
Mark Oswald with Pippa
Rory Fynn with Lola
Roy Bottomley with Sadie

Bronze Awards 3rd August 2017

Jessica Drewery with Lorcan
Debbie Parrish with Ehila
Eavie Sultana with Betsie
Kay Maddan with Dora
Chris Maynard with Orlov

Silver Awards 3rd August 2017

Debbie Parrish with Noah
Anne Vatcher with Gertie

Silver Awards 25th July 2017

Rosalyn Heaton with Annie
Natalie Reeve with Muttley

Bronze Award 25th July 2017

Jenny Dickens with Sammy

Gold Awards 13th July 2017

Jane Freed and Dylan
Anne Pinto-Wright and Rosie

Bronze Awards 13th June 2017

Patricia Chambers and Annie
Vicky Barnes and Libby
Kate Ellison and Ruby
Jill Kindynis and Sydney
Jo Dixon and Arlo
Mary Boyce and Rosie

Gold Awards  25th May 2017

Mary Chapman and Rua
Simon Wood and Barley
Jane Mash and Cassie
Kate Lambert and Charlie

Bronze Awards 25th April 2017

Sarah Gray with Bailey
Camilla Scarisbrick with Buddy
Joe Gander with Oreo
Natalie Reeve with Muttley

Bronze Awards 13th April 2017

Debbie Parish and Noah
Anne Pinto-Wright and Harry

Silver Awards 13th April 2017

David Falkner and Lucky
Jo Crumbly and Amber
Fred Jaques and Finzi
Sarah Prior and Buddy

Bronze Awards 24th November

Nicola Hewitt and Vinnie
Alan and Molly
Ann and Gertie
Fred and Finzi
Lynda and Midas

Christine and Gilbert
Rosalyn and Annie
Kim and Bou
Sarah and Buddy

Bronze Awards. October 27th

Jo Crumbley with Amber
Jamie Ashdown-Parkes with Storm Andy Tindall with BamBam

Silver Awards October 27th

Mike Mitchell with Bess
Barbara Ley wit Jeb
Eileen Tindall with Petal
Simon Wood with Barley

Gold Award

Maureen Rees & Cali (Eremos Perfect Pascali ) at the City of Birmingham Championship Show

Gold Awards, August 25th 2016

Terri McNally and Bess
James Woods and Delta
Marion O'Neill and Mitzi

Bronze Awards, August 25th

Lin Sheldrake and Gus
Tracey Baxter and Bertie

More Gold Awards!

Sue Francis and Anastasia
Gilda Wallace and Tip
Brenda Pratt and Remus

Silver Awards - 28th June 2016

Linda and Teasel
Mary and Rua
Janet and Bella
Ros and Bobby
Victoria and Sasha
Marion and Ruby
Helen and Bailey
Jane and Cassie
Jayne and Dylan

Gold Awards - 2016

Michelle Murphy and Topaz
Karen Perrio and Lily
Tracy Drew and Bronte
Jeanette Bode and Wilma

Silver - 28th July 2015

(Helen apologises for the delay...)

Chris and Archie
Maureen and Cali
Gilda and Tip
James and Delta
Katrina and Dermott
Allan and Sophie
Terri and Bess
Michael and Diesel
Anne and Rosie
Brenda and Remus

Gold - 10th August 2015

Michelle and Topaz
Jeanette and Wilma
Karen and Lily
Tracy and Bronte

Bronze - 10th August 2015

Lindy and Teasel
Nick and Toby
Janet and Bella
Joanne and Harvey
Jackie and Evie
Joanne and Bramble
Mary and Rua

Silver - 5th May 2015

Lindy and Isla
Jeanette and Wilma
Susan and Velvet
Maureen and Sorrel
Kate and Charlie,
Tracey and Bronte

Bronze - 16 March 2015

100% pass rate this evening!

Maureen with Cali
Michael and Diesel
Hugh and Lulu
Terri and Bess
Maureen and Sorrel
James and Delta
Helen and Bailey
Brenda and Remus
Alison and Toby
Juliette and Molly

Bronze - 15th December

Jane Rose and Elsa
Chris Gray and Archie
Sally French and Jagger
Neil Bailey and Mylo
Pat Faulkner and Misty
Allan Road Knight and Sophie

Bronze Awards

Michelle Murphy and Topaz
Gabriela Beresova and Missy
Karen Perrio and Lily
Carole Conway and Buddy
Peter Reddick and Gypsy
Sue Taylor and Jess
Georgina Peacock and Lola
Joanna Jarrett and Merlin
Kristina Masson and Cocoa
Mike Mitchell and Bess
Jeanette Bode and Wilma
Sheila Stace and Stella
Lucie Allen and Otto
Allison Burrows and Emma
Tracey Drew and Bronte

Silver Awards

Maureen Rees and Ice
Pat Fencott and Sophy
Helen Still and Dash
Jeni Wiggins and Jacob
Karen Perrio and Lily
Mary Sherlock and Bonnie
Michelle Murphy and Topaz
Marian O’Neill and Mitzi
Ellie Moore and Mitsy

Gold Awards

Maureen Rees and Ice
Sally Milne and Caramel
Della Brock and Millie
David Jones and Cassie
Liz Biddle and Jasmine
Helen Butcher and Domino
Julie Anne Frost and Shiloh
Ted Budden and Woody
Alex Anderson and Charlie

Silver Awards 31st July 2014

Karen Perrio with Lily
Mary Sherlock with Bonnie
Michelle Murphy with Topaz
Marian O'Neill with Mitzi
Ellie Moore with Mitsy

Gold Awards 5th June 2014

Maureen Rees and Ice
Sally Milne and Caramel
Della Brock and Millie
Emma-Clare Dunnett and Skye
David Jones and Cassie
Alex Anderson and Charlie
Liz Biddle and Jasmine

Bronze Awards 12th May 2014

Carole Conway and Buddy
Peter Reddick and Gypsy
Sue Taylor and Jess
Georgina Peacock and Lola
Joanna Jarrett and Merlin

Silver Awards 12th May 2014

Maureen Rees and Ice
Pat Fencott and Sophy
Helen Still and Dash
Jeni Wiggins and Jacob

Bronze Awards 1st May 2014

Michelle Murphy and Topaz
Gabriella Beresova and Missy
Karen Perrio and Lily

Bronze Awards 3rd March 2014

Teresa Longhurst and Poppy
Ellie Moore and Mitsy
Patricia Fencott and Sophy
Moria Smith and Daisy
George Rutledge and Charlie
Mark Ferry and Cookie
Mary Sherlock and Bonnie
Kate Lambert and Charlie
Laura Sharp and Archie
Jeff Rose and Barney

Silver Awards - 31st October 2013

Tracey Drew and Davey
David Jones and Cassie
Kate Fletcher and Millie
Alex Henderson and Charlie
Daian Feng and BoBo
Suzanne Renauit and Lulu
Gavin Crichett and Reuben

Gold Awards -1st Oct 2013

Gillian Hutchings and Pixie
Sheila Croft and Jilly
Ros Hutchings and Esprit

Gold Awards -23rd Sept 2013

Maureen Rees and Fennel
Maureen Rees and Miles

Bronze Awards - 23rd Sept 2013

Julie Frost and Shiloh
Josi Kiss and Poppy
Sue Poffley and Isla
Des Donohoe and Alfie
Helen Still and Dash

Bronze Awards - 2nd Sept 2013

Lori Butler and Molly
Jeni Wiggins and Jacob
Barbara Ley and Jeb
Isabelle Wragg and Skippy
Davan Feng and BoBo

Gold Award -1st Aug 2013

Denise Newbold and Duffy

KCGC Silver Awards -July 2013

Congratulations to the following who passed their Silver on 4th July.

Sheila and Jilly
Gillian and Pixie
Rosalind and Esprit
Sally and Caramel
Liz and Jasmine
Denise and Duffy
Della and Millie
Rosamund and Arran

KCGC Bronze Awards - May 2013

Congratulations to the following who have passed their Bronze.

Katrina and Dermott
Ian and Bob
Teresa and Rosie
Daphne and Ripley
Gavin and Reuben
Robert and Candy

KCGC Bronze Awards - April 2013

Congratulations also to...

Shani and Merlin
Kate and Millie
Hilary and Kip
Terry and Oberon
Alex and Charlie
Tracy and Darcy
Karen and Monty
Kerry and Poppy
Helen and Domino

KCGC Bronze Awards 2012

Congratulations to our members who passed their KCGC awards on 27th September 2012

Denise Newbold and Duffy
Ros Hutchings and Espirt
Janet Whiteley and Ruby
Marian O'neill and Mitzi
Lesley Cutt and Dodger
Lindy Margach and Isla
Katherine Thompson and Bridey

KCGC Gold Award Sept 2012

Alistair Little and Oliver

KCGC Gold Awards 2012

Congratulations to our two members and their Border Collies who achieved their Gold Awards on 26th July.

Daphne Manning and Robbie
Yvonne Goodall and Millie

Examination of the Dog Examination of the Dog - Daphne and Robbie

Stop the Dog! Stop the Dog - Yvonne and Millie

Stop the Dog!Stop the Dog - Daphne and Robbie

Walk FreeWalk Free with Handler - Yvonne and Millie

KCGC Silver Awards 2012

Congratulations to those who achieved their Silver awards on 28th June.

Maureen Rees and Fennel
Helen Petley and Teddy
Alistair Little and Oliver
Debbie Parrish and Ava

KCGC Bronze Awards 2012

Congratulations to the following who achieved their Bronze awards on 14th June.

Gillian Hutchings and Pixie
Suzanne Renaut and Lulu
Caroline Kohn and Daisy
Della Brock and Millie
Janet Young and Tack
Liz Biddle and Jasmine
Sue Potter and Loppy
Della Brock and Max

KCGC Bronze Awards 2012

Maureen Furber & Lizzie
Caroline Dunn & PC
Lavinia Moore & Zuki
Sue Whitehorn & Rosy
Ros Allen & Arran
Paul Meyer & Jess
Maureen Rees & Fennel
Helen Petley & Teddy
Tina Sellwood & Lola
Julie Cabell & Daisy

KCGC Gold Awards 2011

Sue Snow & Hector
Helen Butcher & Mac

KCGC Bronze Awards 2011

Sheila Croft & Jilly
Stephen Brownsey & Toto
Louise Brownsey & Maya
Ros Sulyak & Csilli

KCGC Silver Awards 2011

Rose Dean & Daisy
Lindy Margach & Hobi
Jeanette Bode & Ella
Nick Wyer & Dylan
Amy Priestley & Louie
Ros Sulyak & Csilli
Luke McGarry & Fizzy
Sheila Croft & Smudge

KCGC Bronze Awards 2010

Rose Dean & Daisy
Janet Worth & Snoopy
Sue Smith & Alfie
Luke McGarry & Fizzy
Tanya Russell & Asha
Cliff Sales & Lex

Congratulations to those who achieved their awards – in fact we had another 100% success rate on the night.

Amy Priestley & Louie
Jeanette Bode & Ella
Debbie Parrish & Seth
Nick Wyer & Dylan
Duncan Woolley & Zena
Sophie Brett & Jude.

KCGC Silver Awards 2010

Congratulations also to those who achieved their Silver KCGC awards, we had a 100% success rate on the night.

Carol Diplock & Izzy
Anne Blum & Freddi
Yvonne Goodall & Millie
Sue Snow & Hector
Melanie Rovery & Molly
Daphne Manning & Robbie
Alison Moeller & Lolly
Jenny White & Meg.

KCGC Gold Awards 2010

Congratulations to those who recently achieved their Golds.

Alison Moeller & Tash
Mark Gillard & Bo
Andrea Priestley & Buddy
Vanessa Sultana & Gerrie
Fiona Farnes & Flora
Carol Diplock & Pippa
Sue Lyon & Jobi
Shirley Aylwin & Vera.

Ann's Freddi Ann Blum's Freddi with his KCGC rossette.

Riverside Animal Centre

Our charity for 2011, The Riverside Animal Centre which provides support to both wild animals and domestic pets which have been abandoned or are in difficulties, received the sum of £1168.49 raised by Warlingham club members.


Latest News...


8 Way Match

At Saturday's 8-way match, Warlingham Dog Training Club ended up in 2nd place - after a run off for the top spot.

Congratulations to the team - all of whom put in a great effort.

"C": Viv Brotherson and Dolly
"B": Pat Faulkner and Misty
"A": Liz Evans and Abbie
Novice: Terry Kidd and Jaffa
Beginners: Andrea Priestley and Louie
Pre-Beginners: Sue Whitehorn and Rosy

Well done everyone, you are an inspiration to keep training.
WDTC Committee


KCGC Awards - 25 January 2018

Bronze Award Winners
Bronze Award Winners

Silver Award Winners
Silver Award Winners


National Obedience Class Finals

We had three club members competing at the National Obedience Class Finals on December 9th at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh in Warlwickshire:
Allison Burrows with Emma and Terry Kidd with Jaffa (both from our Competition Group) were in the Dog Training Weekly Beginner Final.
Pat Faulkner, (our Thursday evening trainer at John Fisher) and her dog Misty was in the Howl Emporium "A"

Here are some photos from the event...

Nat Ob-Allison
Allison Burrows and Emma were 10th in Beginners

Nat Ob-Terry

Nat Ob-Terry

Nat Ob-Pat

Nat Ob-Pat


Alison and Emma
Alison and Emma

Terry and Jaffa
Terry and Jaffa

Pat and Misty
Pat and Misty


KCGC Bronze Awards 23rd November 2017

Bronze winners 23-11-17




At Elm Park Obedience Show on September 30th, Terry Kidd and Jaffa were 4th in Beginner Dog


At Thurrock Obedience Show on October 1st, Katrina Arnold and Dermott with a 3rd in Thurrock's Special Starters Class
Terry Kidd and Jaffa won Beginner Dog


KCGC Awards - 25th September 2017

Bronze 25th September 2017
Bronze - Sue McCourt and Dylan, Mark Oswald and Pippa, Rory Fynn and Lola, Roy Bottomley and Sadie

Silver awards 25th September
Silver - Lucy Allan and Otto, Anne Pinto-Wright and Harry


At Chesvale Obedience Show on Sunday August 27th,
Allison Burrows and Emma were 4th in Novice Bitch.

Terry Kidd and Jaffa won Beginners.

Terry wins Beginners
Terry an Jaffa win Beginners

Trry and Jaffa
Terry and Jaffa


Ditton Obedience Show on August 19th
Helen Butcher and Domino were 2nd in the KC Good Citizens Special Pre-Beginners and have qualified for the semi finals at Discover Dogs.
Andrea Priestley and Buddy were 2nd in Pre Beginner Dog & Bitch,
Sue Whitehorn and Rosy were 4th
Allison Burrows and Emma were 5th in Novice Bitch part 2


At Woburn Obedience Show on 12th and 13th August, Allison Burrows and Emma won Beginners on both days.


KCGC Awards

Annie with Gertie. Silver Award
Annie with Gertie. Silver Award, 3 August 2017

Debbis and Noah, Silver Award
Debbie with Noah, Silver Award 3rd August 2017


Bronze awards 3-8-17
Bronze Award winners 3rd August 2017


Silver-25th July
Silver Awards, Rosalyn Heaton with Annie and Natalie Reeve with Muttley

Bronze Award 25th July
Bronze Award, Jenny Dickens with Sammy

Anne Pinto-Wright & Rosie
Jane Freed and Dylan, Anne Pinto-Wright and Rosie gained their Gold Awards



Triathlon + 1 2017


An enjoyable day was had by all at our Triathlon + 1

Placings were as follows...


6th Place -  3 Ladies and a Dog

3 Ladies and a dog
Sue & Dylan, Kate & Charlie, Jane & Saffi, Steve & Harry


5th Place - Barking Mad

Barking Mad
Jane & Bertie, Natalie & Mutley, Katarina & Dermott, Shani & Merlin


4th Place - Go Bananas

Go Bananas
Gilda & MrTip, Marion & Ruby, Nicola & Crumble, Ian & Sasha


3rd Place - Mis Fits

Jane & Cassie, David & Lucky, Brenda & Remus, Sophie & Prince


2nd Place - Here Come the Girls

Here come the girls
Janet & Ruby, Anne & Rosy, Rory & Lola, Edwina/Alan & Molly


1st Place - Little and Large

Little and Large
Kate & Ruby, Wendy & Kyuss, Sue & Rosy, Liz & Chloe


Everyone seems to have had a good time!

Triathlon 2017

Triathlon 2017

Triathlon 2017

Triathlon 2017

Triathlon 2017




Sarah Collins with her Bearded Collie, Luna de Chester at Kingswud (IMPFR) JW (Elsie) won her last yearling class at Windsor Show and was also the Reserve CC.
(See photo on the Ringcraft page.)

Pat Faulkner and Misty won A Bitch at Cippenham Obedience Show
on July 2nd.

Pat Faulkner & Misty were 2nd in A Bitch at Sunbury Obedience Show on 17th June.
and 5th in A Bitch at Surrey Obedience Show on 18th June


KCGC Bronze Awards, 13th June 2017

Award winners
Patricia Chambers and Annie, Vicky Barnes and Libby, Kate Ellison and Ruby,
Jean Ennis - assessor

Award Winners
Jill Kindynis and Sydney, Jo Dixon and Arlo, Mary Boyce and Rosie, Jean Ennis


Well done...

At St Edwards DTS Obedience Show on June 10th,
Liz Evans and Abbie were 2nd in A Bitch

At Petersfield Obedience Show, Allison Burrows and Emma were 3rd in Beginner Dog & Bitch,
and Pat Faulkner and Misty were 6th in A Bitch

Sue Whitehorn and Rosy, 6th in Pre-Beginner Dog and Bitch at Woodman Open Obedience Show 29/5/17


KCGC Gold Awards 25th May 2017

Gold Award Winners
Mary Chapman and Rua, Simon Wood and Barley, Jane Mash and Cassie, Kate Lambert and Charlie.    Examiner : Jenny Harknett


Match Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Ringcraft Match.

Sarah Collins with Elsie (Beardie) Best in Match
Cindy McCarthy with Stevie (Corded Poodle) Second
Garth Smith with Junior (Affenpinscher)

Ringcraft Match Winners
Sarah Collins with Elsie, Cindy McCarthy with Stevie, Garth Smith with Junior, and Judge Graham Hills at the back.



Culverstone Obedience Show - Saturday 13th May
Sue Francis & Velvet were 5th in Introductory Bitch
Katrina Arnold & Dermott were 7th in Introductory Dog
Terry Kidd & Jaffa were 4th in Beginner Dog
Pat Faulkner & Misty were 6th in Novice Bitch and 6th in A Bitch
Liz Evans & Abbie were 2nd in A Bitch

Culverstone Obedience Show - Sunday 14th May
Anne Pinto-Wright & Rosie were 5th in Introductory Bitch & 8th in Pre-Beginner Bitch
Sue Whitehorn & Rosy were 6th in Pre Beginner Bitch
Pat Faulkner & Misty won Novice Bitch
Liz Evans & Abbie won A Bitch


At Chesvale Obedience Show on May 7th...
Sue Francis and Velvet were 6th in the Kennel Club Special Pre Beginners Stakes.
Sue Whitehorn & Rosie were 4th in Pre- Beginners.
Pat Faulkner and Misty came 6th in A Bitch.


KCGC Awards

Bronze award winners
Sarah Gray with Bailey, Assessor Mary Jamieson, Camilla Scarisbrick with Buddy, Joe Gander with Oreo and Natalie Reeve with Muttley



At BAGSD(Oxhey) on April 22nd, Pat Faulkner & Misty were 2nd in Novice Bitch part 2: and at Midland Border Collie (April 15/16) 3rd in Novice Bitch (Saturday) & 4th in Novice Bitch (Sunday)


KCGC Awards

KCGC Bronze
Debbie with Noah and Anne with Harry obtained their Bronze

KCGI Silver
Silver Awards - David and Lucky, Fred and Finzi, Jo and Amber,Sarah and Buddy


Our Members at Crufts

Results and photos all now on the Ringcraft page...


Ringcraft Match

Ringcraft had a Match on 28th Feb which was a great success.
Details here...


To all members of WDTC

We have had another busy year at Warlingham Dog club, with over 200 members involved in obedience, ringcraft and agility, and our Annual Obedience Show. We have had three classes full of puppies training every week, throughout the year. More experienced owners have obtained their bronze, silver and gold good citizens awards, Other club members have taken their dogs to Crufts, and been placed in other Open and Championship shows all through the year. And of course people have been able to enjoy our fun agility in the summer months.

None of this would have been possible without the hard work of so many people - whether being on the club committee, the obedience show group, maintaining the club website, dealing with enquiries, and of course our trainers who turn out almost every week throughout the year.

Finally, my thanks to each and every member of the club who has volunteered throughout the year. Without everyone helping out, this club simply would not exist.

I would like to wish you a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year

Best wishes,
Brian Goodall
Club Chairman


Vanessa's Photos From the Quiz Night

Quiz Night 2016

Quiz Night 2016

Quiz Night 2016

Quiz Night 2016

Quiz Night 2016
The Raffle Prizes!


Allison Burrows and Emma were 4th in Pre Beginners section of the National Obedience Class Finals at Stoneleigh.


At Ditton DTC Limit Show on Saturday 26th November, Terry Kidd and Jaffa were 2nd in Beginners.


KCGC Bronze Passes - 24th November 2016

KCGC Bronze passes
Nicola Hewitt and Vinnie, Alan and Molly, Ann and Gertie,
Fred and Finzi, Lynda and Midas

(Click here to see larger image)

KCGC Bronze passes
Christine and Gilbert, Rosalyn and Annie, Kim and Bou, Sarah and Buddy

(Click here to see larger image)


WDTC Breed Show - 17th November 2016

We all had an entertaining evening with members and their dogs competing in a fun style show of 8 dog class types as follows :
Junior Handler
Non sporting
Cross Breed
Best in Show.

Rosettes where awarded to all entrants, with trophies given to winners in each class including best in show, all proceeds are to be given to this years Club Charity "The Cinnamon Trust"

With thanks to Judge - Kensey Wright stewards and committee members who made the evening such a success, and finally thanks to our members and dogs who competed in the evening event.

Terri McNally


PuppyPuppy Class
1st: Rufus and Julie 2nd: Dora and Kati 3rd: Teddy and Susie 4th: Molly and Alan

1st: Kuri and Nicky 2nd: Paddy and Janet 3rd: Chloe and Liz 4th: Merry and Roz

Junior Handler
Junior Handler
1st: Dora and Heather 2nd: Mr Tip and Maddison 3rd: Rufas and Roxy
4th: Bess and Joshua 5th: Chloe and Holly

(Click here to see larger image)

1st: Ruby and Marion Randel 2nd: Sophie and Allan R 3rd: Molly and Alan

1st: Sasha and Victoria 2nd: Jilly and Sheila 3rd: Ollie and Gabrielle Behner

1st: Jilly and Sheila Croft 2nd: Paddy and Janet 3rd: Rufas and Julie
4th: Kuri and Nicky Robinson 5th: Merry and Ros Sulyai 6th: Ruby and Maria

(Click here to see larger image)

X Breed
X Breed
1st: Bess and Terri McNally 2nd: Kuri and Nicky Robinson
3rd: Mr Tip and Gilda Wallace

Best in Show
Best in Show
1st: Rufus and Julie 2nd: Kuri and Nicky Robinson 3rd: Dora and Heather



KCGC Silver awards.  27th October 2016
KCGC Silver Award winners. 27th October 2016

KCGC Bronze winners 27-10-2016
KCGC Bronze Award winners. 27th October 2016


Alison won her heat at Discover Dogs - Special Pre Beginners Good Citizen competition, Crufts next stop.

Alison at Discover Dogs


Pat Faulkner and Misty were 2nd in Novice Bitch at Norfolk Obedience Show, and 4th in A Bitch at Elm Park Obedience Show.


At Thames DTC Obedience Show (September 10th) Pat Faulkner & Misty were 4th in Novice Bitch


Belinda Marrow and Neave entered the Special Beginners Working Gundog Test in Sheffield. This is one of 5 tests run by the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association.  They won!

Belinda and Neave
Belinda snd Neave - winners!


At Great Baddow Obedience Show on September 4th, Sheila Croft and Jilly were 5th in Novice Bitch.


Ann Vatcher and Gertie, her Munsterlander puppy, won best puppy at the Edenbridge and Oxted Show on August 29th

Ann and Gertie
Ann and Gertie


At Chesvale Obedience Show on August 28th, Sandy Evans & Bru won Novice Dog


KCGC Gold Award Winners

Teri and Bess
Terri McNally and Bess

James and Delta
15 year old James Woods and Delta

Gilda and \\tip
Gilda Wallace and Tip

Ditton Dog Show (20/21 August)

Allison Burrows and Emma were 5th in Special pre-beginners
Susan Edwards and Sky were 1st in pre-beginners
Sheila Croft and Jilly were 1st in Beginners
Sandy Evans and Bru were 3rd in Novice Dog
Nicola Hewitt and Coco were 6th in Introductory Dog & Bitch

Ditton Prizewinners
Click here to see larger image

Ditton Prizewinners Lineup
Click here to see larger image

Susan Edwards and Sky


St Edwards Obedience Show on 14th August

Marian O'Neill and Mitzi won Beginners
Sandy Evans and Bru were 3rd in Novice Dog
Pat Faulkner & Misty were 5th in Novice Bitch

Woburn Obedience Show on 13th August

Allison Burrows and Emma won Pre-Beginners and were 2nd in Special Pre-Beginners

Successes at the North West Kent Obedience Show

Saturday 23rd July
Nicola Hewitt & Coco - 6th in Introductory Bitch
Sheila Croft & Jilly - 1st in Beginner Bitch
Pat Faulkner & Misty - 2nd in Novice Bitch part 1

Sunday 24th July
Katrina Arnold & Dermott - 7th in Introductory Dog
Allison Burrows & Emma - 2nd in Special Pre-Beginners & 6th in Pre-Beginners
Sheila Croft & Jilly - 5th in Beginner Bitch
Sandy Evans & Bru - 1st in Novice Dog
Pat Faulkner & MIsty - 5th in Novice Bitch and 3rd in A Bitch

Nicola and Coco
Nicola and Coco - 6th place in Introductory Bitch

Introductory dog lineup
Katrins was 7th in Introductory Dog


Lots More Things to Mention!

Billingshurst Show...

Pat Faulkner & Misty were 4th in Novice Bitch

South Eastern Show...

Pat Faulkner & Misty were 4th in A Bitch

Surrey Obedience Show...

Sandy Evans & Bru were 4th in Novice Dog part 1
Pat Faulkner was 6th in Novice Bitch with her dog Misty.

At St Edwards...

Nicola Hewitt & Coco were placed 9th in Special pre-beginners

At St Georges Obedience Show Saturday June 11th...

Marian O'Neill & Mitzi won Beginner Bitch
Andrea Priestley & Louie were 2nd in Pre-Beginner Dog, 2nd in Introductory Dog & Bitch, and 8th in the Special Pre-Beginners.
Sandy Evans & Bru were 2nd in Novice Dog.

At Culverstone Open Show...

Marian O'Neill with Mitzi - 2nd place in Beginner Dog & Bitch

At Our Own Warlingham Open Show...

Nicola Hewitt & Coco - 7th place inIntroductory Dog & Bitch
Marian O'Neill with Mitzi - 6th place in Beginner Dog & Bitch
Helen Butcher & Domino - 4th in Special Pre-Beginners
Helen Butcher & Bailey - 10th in Special Pre- Beginners

Woodman Obedience Show...

Sue Francis & Velvet - 6th place in Pre-beginner Dog & Bitch
Marian O'Neill with Mitzi - 4th place in Beginner Dog & Bitch
Liz Evans and Abbie - 4th place in Novice Bitch

Basingstoke Obedience Show...

Liz Evans & Abbie - 2nd place in Novice Bitch

More Success for Mitzi

On 30 May 2016, Mitzi (Fondant Fancy of Valgrays) won 4th place in Beginners D/B at Woodman Open obedience show.


National Pet Show

Congratulations to Nicola Hewitt who qualified by winning two classes at the National Pet Show. Vinnie won the Good Citizen Award, and Coco won the Best Rescue Dog.
Both now go to their next heat, the semi-finals at Discover Dogs.




Well Done Mitzi

Marion O'Neill's Mitzi (Fondant Fancy of Valgrays) had a good day at Culverstone DTC (15/5/16) with a 2nd place rosette in Beginner bitch.



Chesvale Obedience Show May 2nd 2016

Sandy Evans & Bru, 6th in Novice Dog & Bitch part 1
Sheila Croft & Jilly, 3rd in Beginner Dog & Bitch part 1


Snugs is Best of Breed

Crystalar All White Again
Linda Barker showing Crystalar All White Again ( Snugs) who won Best of Breed at a recent Poodle Club open show , owned by Liz Daniell & Linda Barker both WDTC members


WDTC Annual Members Awards 2016

Sandy - Monday afternoon class
Sarah Roseweir and Bella
Sue Wensleyand Lexi
Sue Francis with Anastasia and Velvet
Rufus Cup - Sue Francis and Velvet
Progress Cup - Marion Randell and Ruby

Monday Night - Vanessa
Nicola Hewitt and Gus Bear
James Griffin and Jensen
Mike Mitchell and Bess
Michelle Smith and Boston
Monday night progress prize - Michelle Murphy

Adrienne - Tuesday Night Ringcraft
Ray Heaton & Bobby
Ilona Ras and Tess
Steven Frost and Albie
Debbie Parrish with Noah and Eilah
Francis Mayne and Rueben
Ringcraft Shield - Sarah Collins and Eric

Thursday - Pat
Christine Scott and Gilbert
Victoria Stammars and Sasha
Nicola Hewitt and Vinnie
Marcus Massey and Malin
David Faulkner and Lucky
Alan Roadnight and Sophie

Thursday - Jacky
Sue Whitehorn and Rosie
Shani McGarry and Merlin
Melissa Latcham and Bertie
Sheila Croft and Jilly

Thursday - Vanessa
Paul Stephens and Diego
Jamie and Lucy Ashdown Parkes and Storm

Thursday - Indira
Andrea Priestly and Louis
Terry Kidd and Jaffa
Pips Award - Katrina Arnold and Dermott
Thursday Progress - Sue Whitehorn & Rosie


Big Success st Crufts!

Sarah Collins and her Bearded Collie Eric - Ch Sammara Over The Moon won the dog open class, Dog CC & Best of Breed at Crufts 2016.

Eric's 8month old Daughter Elsie, Luna de Chester at Kingswud won her Minor Puppy Bitch class.

Many congratulations to Dave & Sarah Collins

Eric with the judge
Sarah and Eric with the judge, Mrs Janet Wood

Thanks to the KC for these offical photos...
Sarah and Eric in the ring

Sarah and Eric in the ring

Sarah and Eric in the ring


8 Way Match

Congratulations team Warlingham for winning the 8 way match! Thank you to Sheila Legg smith and her team at south eastern for hosting and many thanks for Lyn Green and Jane Webb our judges for the day

Warlingham's winning team
Our winning team

8 way match members...

Team Manager - Vanessa Sultana
Diane Goodall
Allison Burrows
Liz Evans
Pat Faulkner
Denise McMahon
Moina van dear Heijden


Discover Dogs

Nicola Hewitt and Coco were placed 2nd in the Scrufts competition at Discover Dogs this year.

Discover Dogs, Scrufts

Discover Dogs, Scrufts



Diane Goodall and Golly won Beginner class at Tunbridge Wells on October 24th

Beginner line up 24th October


Success for Fennel

Maureen Rees's Fennel
( Thurbajen’s Flighty Fennel with Eremos Sh.C.M.) has done very well!

2nd C.C. at Bournemouth under breed judge Joy Venturi-Rose.

5th Green Star at Clonmel Ch.Show
6th Green Star at Tralee Ch. Show
( both during the Munster circuit in August)

October 2015 double International Show in Dublin -
Day 1 Bitch Green Star, CACIB and RBOB . This made her 7th Green Star and her Irish Title!
Day 2 Bitch Green Star, CACIB, BOB and Group 8 3rd.

Also this year she went BIS at South of England Gundog Club,
AND BIS at I.O.W. Gundog Club

Update - Fennel is now a UK champion he won his third CC and BOB at the Labrador Club of Wales Championship Show in February 2016.

Fennel ( Thurbajen’s Flighty Fennel with Eremos Sh.C.M.)


East Grinstead DTC.

Marion O'Neill with Mitzi (Fondant Fancy of Valgrays) won a 2nd in Beginner D/B


More Success for Moina

Moina and Yip were 4th in C Dog at Ramsden Bellhouse Show.
Moina and Janneke were 5th in Novice Bitch at St Edwards

Ramsden Bellhouse Lineup
Moina and Yip at Ramsden Bellhouse

Yip with 4th place rosette
Yip with 4th place rosette


Elm Park Show, October 3rd

Moina van der Heijden and Janneke were 2nd in Novice Bitch pt 1, and Pat Faulkner and Misty were 5th in the same class.

Elm Park Lineup



Sue wins at Paws in the Park!

Major success for Sue Whitehorn and brilliant little Rosy, winning  "My Dog's Got Talent" at Paws in the Park, beating many other talented dogs.

Sue and Rosie await the winner's announcment
Sue with Rosy await the announcement of the winner with the runner-up

Sue's the winner!
Sue's the winner!

Sue and Rosie with their prizes.
Sue with certificate and a bag of dog food that's 20 times bigger than Rosy is!


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Rosie practicing in Jackie's Tricks Class



Liz Evans and Abbie won Novice Bitch at Ramsden Bellhouse Obedience Show on September 5th.


More Success for Helen

At BAGSD southern, when Team Whippet came third again.

Team Whippet were 3rd again
Team Whippet - 3rd again

And at Richmond, Bailey (Pelyma Prince of Thieves) won his junior class and qualified for Crufts

Bailey (Pelyma Prince of Thieves)
Bailey (Pelyma Prince of Thieves)


Well Done Mitzi!

Marian O'Neill and Mitzi (Fondant Fancy of Valgrays) won 4th place (Beginner bitch) at St. Edwards DTC.  31 August 2015.

Mitzi with her 4th place rosette


The Whippet Team

One of our club members, Helen Butcher, is part of the whippet Obreedience team. They were placed 3rd at the Forest Oak Rally competition recently.

The Whippet Team
Helen (right) and her whippet Domino with the team.


Vanessa on Radio

Our Vanessa was on the radio discussing dog training.

Vanessa with Ridge Radio placard



Sue Francis and her Golden Retriever puppy Anastasia have qualified for Crufts next year.



July 25th, North West Kent Obedience Show

Helen Butcher & Domino won Introductory Dog
Marilyn Gilbert & her dog won Pre-Beginner
Pat Faulkner & Misty were 6th in A Bitch


All the Sevens!

At St Edwards show, 13th June 2015...

Marian and Mitsy were placed 7th in Beginner.
Helen and Domino were placed 7th in Introductory Dog.
Sue and Rosy were placed 7th in Introductory Bitch.
Gordon and Lady were placed 7th in Prebeginner Bitch.

Marion, Helen and Sue
Marion and Mitsy, Helen and Domino, Sue and Rosy



Diane Goodall and Golly won Pre-Beginners at Basingstoke Obedience Show.

Diane Goodall and Golly
Diane and Golly

Trainer Sandy Evans and Bru were 6th in novice Dog at Southern Border collie Obedience Show on May 24th.

Pat Faulkner, (one of our trainers) and her dog Misty were placed 2nd in Novice Bitch at Chesvale Show.


Crufts 2015

Photos of members dogs are now on the Crufts 2015 page.


8 Way Match 2015

On behalf of everyone from Warlingham committee I would like to thank... Our judges Sue Heard and Marianne Van Gils,
Our Stewards Caroline and Becca, and Charlie for stay stewarding,
our four score boarders,
the lovely Ron Mills who kindly organised the putting out of mats and chairs and tables,
Warlingham members who came to help, a special mention to Marion and John, who have only just joined our club, but came to help for most of the day, it's a shame there is not more people like them.
Thank you to the Warlingham team members...
Diane Goodall 7th place
Marion Oneil, 2nd place
Pat Faulkner, 2nd place
Carol Curtis 4 th place
Denise McMahon 5th place,
Moina Van der Heijden, 3rd place
Well done on your overall 3rd place, well deserved! Last but not least the committee of Warlingham DTC of which I couldn't do it without you!

Congratulations NWKent, on your overall win today! And I finish by handing over to South Eastern next year.

Results are...


Our TeamOur Team

Our Team

Our Team



25th October. At Tunbridge Wells Obedience Show Susan Edwards and Sky were 3rd in pre-beginners


Triathlon 2014

Many thanks to all those who came and supported our Triathlon which was held last month. A good day was had by all and the weather was very kind to us.
A special thank you goes to Terry for taking care of the catering.

The winning team on the day were Great British Bark Off Brian Goodall and Golly, Lesley Cutt and Dodger, Alistair Little and Oliver and Ros Allen with Arron and Chilli.
Best in Show went to Des Donohue and Alfie.

We managed to raise 306.01 for Canine Partners from this event.




At Thurrock Obedience Show
Susan Edwards and Sky were sixth in per-beginner bitch


29th September, at Southern GSD
Indira Helsby was 4th in Novice Bitch with her dog Crystal


WDTC had a very successful day at St Edwards DTC Obedience Show!

Introductory Class - Bitch
1st place - Allison Burrows and Emma
2nd place - Marion O'Neil and Mitzi

Winning Line Up Introductory Bitch
Winning Line Up Introductory Bitch

1st and 2nd place for Allison and Marion
1st and 2nd place for Allison and Marion

Allison and Marion with Indira, their trainer
Allison and Marion with Indira, their trainer

Introductory Class - Dog
5th place - Helen Butcher and Domino

Winning Line Up - Introductory Dog
Winning Line Up - Introductory Dog

Helen and Domino
Helen and Domino

Pre Beginner - Bitch
1st place - Marion O'Neil and Mitzi

Winning line up - Prebeginner Bitch
Winning line up - Prebeginner Bitch


Allison Burrows with Lydia got a 3rd in Introductory at Ditton


At North West Kent, Sand Evans and Bru were 2nd in Novice Dog.
Terry Kidd and Oberon won Pre-Beginner Dog

Terry and Oberon
Terry and Oberon

Terry in the Lineup
Terry in the Lineup


At Surrey Obedience Show on June 22nd, trainer Pat Faulkner & her dog were placed 5th in "A" Bitch


St Edwards Obedience Show on June 7th...
Allison Burrows and Lydia won Introductory Bitch,
and Marion O'Neill and Mitzi were 8th in the same class.
Marion O'Neill and Mitzi were 4th in Special Pre-Beginners Class.
Sue Whitehorn and Rosie were 8th in Pre-Beginners Class.
In special pre-beginners Marion O'Neil and Mitzi were 4th,
and Liz Daniell and BJ were 5th


At Chesvale Obedience Show on May 4th, Indira Helsby and Crystal were placed 5th in Novice Class


At Culverstone Obedience Show on May 17th, Allison Burrows and Lydia were placed 7th in Introductory Class


At Findon Down Obedience Show on April 26th, Susan Edwards and Sky were second in Pre-beginners.

Winners Line Up



At our recent AGM, Brian Goodall, our long serving chairman, stepped down from his post.

Brian has been a member of WDTC for many years, and he and his wife Di have successfully shown Briards at the highest level. But Brian has also been one of the people who has created a club atmosphere at WDTC. He is at Ringcraft class almost every week, making new people welcome, and creating a very sociable atmosphere in which to train. He has been instrumental in the success of our many social events, and works well with everybody. Finally, Jeni Wiggins, our Ringcraft trainer, would like to send a special thank you to Brian for his tremendous support during her recent illness - taking her to the many hospital appointments which entailed a very long journey for him.

Thank you, Brian, for all your sterling work for the club and we are delighted that you are staying on as a member of the committee.



Thank you to all our members who supported our various events during 2013 as the monies made allowed us to make a donation to Medical Detection Dogs of £1796.39. This is a fantastic sum and made up for a poor 2012 when we had to cancel various initiatives due to the poor weather.


These red and white setters, Merlin and Lola, do obedience with us on Monday afternoons.They competed at Crufts 2014, and were placed second in Special Puppy Dog and Bitch respectively. Congratulations to Jo and Gina - two very proud owners.

Merlin and Lola


Susan Edwards with Sky - 4th place in Beginner
at North West Kent Limit Show.

Susan and Sky in the Lineup


8 Way Match

Our team were...

Pre Beginners - Diane & Golly
Beginners - Susan & Sky
Novice - Indira & Jet
A - Denise & Lundy
B - Pat & Kiera
C - Moina & Yip

The 8 Way Match took place on 25th Jan, and our team were 8th. Out of er... 8! So not as good as we hoped, but we are hosting the event next year, and fully expect to return to our usual form!


Breed Evening Results

Congratulations to...

Holly with Chloe - Junior Handler
Jonathan Goodliffe with Rolo - Puppy
Allison Burrows with Lydia - Sporting
Mary Sherlock with Bonnie - Non-sporting
Gill Hutchings with Pixie - X Breed
Gill Hutchings with Pixie - Rescue Dog
Allison Burrows with Lydia - Veteran
Allison Burrows with Lydia - RBIS
Gill Hutchings with Pixie - BIS


Helen Butcher's Domino (Pelyma General Grievous) now appears in the advertising for Volkswagen!  He is the white and fawn whippet on the right in a group of dogs on their website.
Domino also recently won his first obedience class, Beginner, at the Whippet Club Limit Obedience Show on 14th September, he also came second in Prebeginner and was third in the Novice Breed class.

Domino with his awards
Domino with his awards and place cards, and the Jolie Trophy for winning Beginner


At the East Grinstead Obedience Show Susan Edwards and Sky were 3rd in Pre-Beginner Dog and Bitch.


At Elm Park Obedience Show, Susan Edwards and Sky were placed 5th in pre-beginner bitch.
Sheila Croft and Smudge were 6th in beginner dog.

Sheila and Smudge
Sheila and Smudge


Club Triathlon 2013 report is here...


Susan Edwards and Sky were 4th in Pre-Beginners at the Thames DTC Obedience Show on September 7th.


At St Edward's DTC Obedience Show on Bank Holiday Monday Allison Burrows and Lydia were placed 4th in Beginner Bitch


At the Ditton Show on 17th August, Susan Edwards and Sky was placed 2nd in pre-beginners, Allison Burrows and Lydia were 4th

Susan and Allison at Ditton
Susan and Allison at Ditton


At Billingshurst Open Show on August 3rd Susan Edwards and Sky came 3rd in pre-beginner dog and bitch - in a large class of 56 - that's really good!


At Cippenham Championship Obedience Show on July 7th, Moina Van der Heijden and Janneke were 5th in Novice; and at South Eastern Obedience Show Allison Burrows and Lydia were 2nd in pre-beginners.


A few photos and a report from the Agility end of term fun evening are now posted on the Agility page.


Several successes for our members at our own show on 23rd June.
Allison Burrows and Lydia were 5th in Beginners, and were awarded the Camellia Cup for best Warlingham club member competing in beginner bitch. They were also 3rd in Pre-Beginners.
Susan Edwards and Sky were 2nd in the pre-beginners.
Marian O'Neill and Mitzi were 3rd in Special Pre-beginners.
Moina Van der Heijden and Janneke were 6th in Novice Bitch.

Moina and Yannke
Excellent heelwork from Moina and Janneke

Marion and Mitzi
Marian and Mitzi, third in special Pre-beginners

Susan and Sky
Susan and Sky, second in Pre-beginners.


At Sunbury and Hamworth obedience show, well done to Allison Burrows and Lydia, who were 4th in pre-beginners.


More success for our members...
at St Edwards Dog Training Club's Show on 8th June,
Allison Burrows and Lydia were 8th and Diane Goodall and Goody were 9th in the Introductory Bitch.
Terry Kidd and Oberon were 7th in the Introductory Dog.
In the Pre Beginner Bitch, Allison Burrows and Lydia were 6th,
and in the Beginner Dog, Sheila Croft and Smudge were 4th.


At Culverstone Obedience Show, congratulations to...
Susan Edwards and Sky, 2nd in pre-beginner bitch; and Sheila Croft and Smudge, 6th in beginner dog.


More Successes...  At Southern Border Collie Club Obedience show on 12th May, Diane Goodall and Golly were 3rd in Pre-beginners; Susan Edwards and Sky were 5th in Beginners and Indira Helsby and Jet were 6th in Novice Bitch.


Congratulations to Susan Edwards and Sky, who were 3rd in pre-beginners at Findon Down Obedience Show.


I'm pleased to announce that WDTC's treasurer, Allison Burrows, competed at Discover Dogs in the Obedience Pre-Beginner semi final, and qualified for Crufts.


Breed Evening Results - 15th Nov 2012

Puppy class Gill Hutchins and Esprit
Veteran Beryl Korman and Breeze
Junior handler. Holly and Chloe
Sporting Lindy Margach and Hobi
Non sporting Susanne Renault and Lu lu
Rescue Gill Hutchins and Pixie
Crossbreed Gill Hutchins and Pixie

Best in show Gill Hutchins and Pixie
Reserve Susanne Renault and lu lu
Best Puppy Roland Hutchins and Esprit


2012 AGM Awards

Don Chapman Memorial Trophy - Linda Whittington
Ringcraft Shield - Gordon Gilbert & Lady
Pips Award - Sheila Croft & Jilly
Tristan Cup Golden Retriever - Helen Petley & Teddy
Monday Afternoon - Rose Dean & Daisy
Monday Evening - Debbie Parish & Ava
Thursday Evening - Denise Newbold & Merlot


Breed Night

Our Breed Night was held on 17th November which was very well supported by the members and we made around £83 from entries and refreshments. Our judge was Marilyn Gilbert who kindly gave up her time for the event.

The winners were as follows -:
Best Junior Handler – Jake Moore & Zuki (also voted Reserve Best in Show)
Best Puppy in Show – Jill Hutchings & Pixie
Best Veteran – Susan Edwards & Sky
Best Sporting Breed – Jeanette Bode & Ella (also voted Best in Show)
Best Non-Sporting Breed - Sue Snow & Hector
Best Crossbreed – Alison Moeller & Jacko
Best Rescue – Lindy Margach & Hobi and Sue Snow & Shannon (jointly)


Discover Dogs 2011

The club had two members competing at Discover Dogs in the Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes semi finals held at Earls Court on 12th and 13th November. They were Sheila Croft & Jilly in the Collie section and Susan Edwards & Sky in the ABC section.

The top five in each section go through to the finals at Crufts but unfortunately Shelia & Jilly came around 10th and Susan & Sky came 7th. Nevertheless it was a fantastic achievement to get that far and quite an experience for all concerned.

If you have not experienced competitive obedience, why not enter for the Special Pre-Beginner class at our own Warlingham show this summer? To do this, you will need to have your dog registered for competion at the Kennel Club and have achieved the Bronze level in the Kennel Club Good Citizens scheme.


Triathlon 2011

Despite a last minute change of venue, the triathlon was a great success, and the rain held off for us, everyone was able to enjoy the events and the barbeque whilst enjoying the sunshine.
We raised around £320 so thank you to all who participated and special thanks to Lynn Anderson, Jenni Wiggins and Sandy Evans who were our judges for the day and to Rose Dean who stewarded.

The winning team was Odds and Sods. Mary Chapman & Rusty, Sally Milne & Caramel, and Yvonne Goodall & Millie.

Odds and Sods

The winning team, Odds and Sodds

The Best in Show went to Liz Slaughter and Chloe

Liz and Chloe

Liz and Chloe - Best in Show

A special thank you to Derek Potter who was our barbeque chef and Helen Butcher who did sterling work with selling raffle tickets.


Warlingham Open Obedience Show

Our annual Open Show took place on 25 June. All went off very well and thankfully the weather was kind to us. There were some successes for club members with Susan Edwards & Sky gaining 1st place in the Kennel Club Special Pre-Beginner stakes and Sheila Croft & Jilly taking 3rd place. Both will now go forward to the Southern Area Semi Finals of Discover Dogs at Earls Court in November with the aim of progressing to the finals which are held at Crufts 2012. Also, Moina Van Der Heijden & Yip achieved 2nd place in the ‘B’ Dog event. Well done to all three and to the other Warlingham members who took part.

Our tombola raised £177 which will be going towards our charity for the year – The Riverside Animal Centre. Many thanks for all the bottles donated for this.


AGM Awards

Don Chapman Trophy (for outstanding achievement) - Sheila Croft & Smudge.
Pip’s Award (for Rescue Dogs) - Kelly Lyng & Oscar
Ringcraft Shield - Brenda Knight & Denim.

Progress Awards

Monday afternoon – Jeanette Bode & Ella
Monday evening – Kim Fitzpatrick & Blue
Thursday evening – Sheila Croft & Smudge


Breed Night - Results

Best Puppy in Show - Steven Brownsey & Maya
Best Veteran Dog - Kim Fitzpatrick & Blue
Best Junior Handler - Louise Brownsey & Toto
Best Sporting Breed - Jeanette Bode & Ella
Non Sporting Breed - Carol Diplock & Pippa
Best Rescue - Lindy Margach & Hobi
Best Crossbreed - Kim Fitzpatrick & Blue

Best In Show - Jeanette Bode & Ella
Reserve Best in Show - Kim Fitzpatrick & Blue


Agility Fun Competition.

A good turn out for our end-of-season club competition, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.  Thanks to Terry for the barbeque, much appreciated by all!

Results as follows... (Please let me know if I've mis-spelt any names!)

Beginners Class

1st. - Chris & Skye
2nd. - Sandi & Raffi
3rd. - Carol-Ann & Lucy
4th. - Deborah & Molly
5th. - Jeanette & Ella
6th. - Claire & Ami

Novice Class

1st. - Terry & Alfie
2nd. - Terry & William
3rd. - Ann & Oscar
4th. - Liz & Chloe
5th. - Laurie & Sammie
6th. - Hille & Ice

This year's Agility Progress Awards went to...

Hille with Ice
David with Sassy
Daphne with Robbie
Debbie with Molly
Laurie with Frankie & Sammie