WDTC Ringcraft Results

Becky Mulligan is awarded the Ring Craft shield.

Shown here with her winning bitch Seraphina in the arms of Adrienne Thomas our Ring Craft trainer.

Becky Mulligan



Club Members Results at Crufts 2019

Katarina Cerchiai “Maya” BSD Tervueren PB 1st BPIB
Dennis & Carol Mulligan “Seraphina” Bolognese OB Best Bitch in Breed
Dennis & Carol Mulligan “ Cassia” Bolognese LB 1st
Dennis & Carol Mulligan “Giulietta Bolognese PGB Reserve
Dennis & Carol Mulligan “Mia” Bolognese VB 1st


Becky Mulligan won Best Bitch in Breed with Seraphina

Becky Mulligan
Becky Mulligan winning Best Bitch in Breed with Seraphina

All the rosettes and prize cards won by Team Mulligan at Crufts with their home bred Bolognese.


Helen Johnstone “Willow” Short Coated Wheaten Terrier MPB 1st BP 1st BPIB
Jess Baber “Lola” Spinone MPB 2nd
David Ras “Chica” Bull Mastiff Yearling Reserve
Susan Kourea “Cassie” Irish Setter JB Reserve
Brian Goodall “Lilac” Briard PGB 3rd
Sarah Collins “Elsie” Bearded Collie LB 1st
Sarah Collins “Eric” Bearded Collie Veteran Dog VHC
Sue & Jane McCourt “Dylan” Bedlington Terrier LD Reserve
Maureen Rees “Fennel” Labrador Veteran Bitch VHC


Willow at Crufts
Willow at Crufts

Rouxboos Varga Girl (Willow)
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. Best Puppy in Breed at Crufts 2019
Youngest SCWT to win BPIB at Crufts
Bred by: Rory & Helen Johnstone
Owned by: Rory & Helen Johnstone and Bruce & Jane Blackhall




I am sure everybody would like to know how Lucius has progressed in the show ring through 2018.
Lucius the Afghan or to give him his official title UK/Ir/Ger VDH Ch. Agna Djaris Lonesome Cowboy is jointly owned by our Ring Craft instructor Adrienne Thomas with Kensey Wright who handles Lucius in the show ring.




Match Night Tuesday 20 November

Judge Stuart Band Stuart awarded Best in Match to the Newfoundland "Nigel" handled by Glen Canning,
and Best Puppy in Match to the Old English Sheepdog, “Gwladys” handled by Eileen Poole

Match Night 2018 winners

Matchnight best handler
Best Handler was judged to be Alina Svaldenyde with her Pharaoh Hound.



Crystal Palace C.A. 18.11 18
Eremos Moment In Thyme RBPIS !! (at 8 months) Breed Mark Boswell (Marquell)
Gundog Group Gareth Lawler (Roqfolly) BIS Dr Andreas Schemel (Bentwood)




More Success with Cello!

Since her earlier achievements, Cello has now gained titles of a Champion of Romania and a Grand Champion of Romania, besides 2xBOB, 2xCAC and 2x CACIB.

Cello in Romania

Cello's diploma




Success with Cello

Pat & Ian Joynson have had great success with their young Porcelaine dog, Cello.

She is in the middle of her "European Tour" with her show handler.
In Poland she won several classes in multiple shows, including Best of Breed.
She has become a Champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Champion of Federation of Bosnia and Hercegovina.
In the next weeks, she is going to take part in shows in Poland, Romania, the Netherlands and Ireland.

We wish them every success.





At Crufts 2018 - Successes by our Members

Ilona Ras - "Chica" (Bull Mastiff) - 1st PB
Brian and Diane Goodall - "Lilac" (Briard) - PGB HC
Anne and Steve Pinto Wright - "Rosie" (Bearded Collie) - GCB VHC
Moina Van Der Heijden - "Janneka" (Gronendael) - 2nd VB
Sarah Collins - "Eric" (Bearded Collie) - 3rd VD
Emma Moore - "Rigby" (PBGV) - 2nd JD 3rd PGD
Debbie Parish - "Eilah" (Rhodesian Ridgeback) - MLD VHC
Adrienne Thomas and Kensey Wright - "Lucius" (Afghan) - OD VHC
Sue and Jane McCourt - "Dylan" (Bedlington Terrier) - PGD VHC
Sue and Jane McCourt - "Bertie" (Bedlington Terrier) - 3rd GCD
Carol and Dennis Mulligan - "Guillette" (Bolognese) - 1st PB and BPIB
Carol and Dennis Mulligan - "Seraphina" (Bolognese) - 2nd LB
Carol and Dennis Mulligan - " Cassia" (Bolognese) - OB Reserve
Carol and Dennis Mulligan - "Ceasario" (Bolognese) - 2nd OD
Mike Muldoon - "Frankie" (English Toy Terrier) - 2nd JD
Mike and Francis Mayne - "Bryn" (Flatcoat Retriever) - 4th MLD
Kevin Holley – “Teddy Edward” (Coton de Tulear) – 2nd PGD
Liz Daniell – “Snuggs” (Standard Poodle) – 1st LD and Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate
Linda Barker – “Summer” (Standard Poodle) – 3rd PGB
James Barker – “Disney” (Miniature Schnauzer) – 2nd YKC Stakes



Success for Sarah Collins with Eric and Elsie at the Boston and District Canine Society Champ Show

CH Sammara Over The Moon (Eric) 1st Veteran Dog & Best Veteran in Breed (Sire of BCC & RBCC)

Luna de Chester at Kingswud JW (Elsie) 1st Graduate Bitch & RBCC


I'm sure all our club members will be delighted for Adrienne Thomas, the club's ring craft trainer, and Kensey Wright, owners of Lucias, their Afghan Hound.


Lucius was entered in the World Show, the German Winners Show and the German Breed Club Show Sight Hound Speciality. In all these events, Lucius was ably handled by Kensey.

The results for this winning partnership were...

World Show:
1st Open Class CAC Reserve best male res CACIB.
Breeders Stakes 2nd. Approx 50 entries all breeds.

German Winners Show:
1st Open Class CAC Reserve best male res CACIB.

German Breed Club, Sight Hound Speciality:
Best of Breed CAC Best in Show




More success for Sarah Collins and Elsie as we know her at Club, but to give her official name Luna de Chester at Kingswud (IMPFR) won Graduate Bitch and was Reserve Best Bitch in Show at the Eastern Bearded Collie Association Open show.
Sarah and Elsie


Ringcraft Match 12th September 2017

The following dogs caught the eye of our judge Kevin Holly, and we would like to take the opportunity of thanking Kevin for giving up his evening to judge our Match.

Puppy class 1st and Best in Show. Linda Whittington and Bramble the Sheltie

Junior 1st. Jane McCourt and Dylan the Bedlington Terrier

Post Graduate and Handling class 1st plus Reserve Best in Show.
Helen Johnstone and Obi the Short Haired Wheaten Terrier

Open 1st. Vanessa Sultana with Golly Brian and Diane Goodall’s Briard Golly

Obi and Bramble
Obi and Bramble with judge Kevin Holly



KC Registered Name “Loofahsa Fiamma Rouxboos
Owners Helen and Rory Johnstone

On Saturday 19 August at the Welsh Kennel Club Champion Show
Toff the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier in her first Open Bitch Class was 1st and went on to take The Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate.

Well Done and Congratulations




KC R Registered Name “Zentaur To Those Who Wait
Owners Rosie and Glenn Canning

On Saturday 5th August The Newfoundland Club and The Northern Newfoundland Club eachran an open show in adjoining halls at Stoneleigh. you could enter either or both – Nigel was entered in both.

In the Northern show he was 1st in Minor Puppy out of 5 entries. In the main show he was again 1st in Minor Puppy out of 6 entries he then won Best Dog Puppy and then Best Puppy in Show!!!

When the two shows are over all the BIS winners go in for the ‘Grand’ titles and NIGEL WON ‘GRAND BEST PUPPY IN SHOW’

NIgel does it again, 1st Puppy Dog Bournemouth Championship Show.

Line up.  Nigel on the right.
Nigel is on the right in this line up.
Photo © Paul Dodd

Photo © Paul Dodd


Club member Sarah Collins with her Bearded Collie, Luna de Chester at Kingswud (IMPFR) JW (Elsie) won her last yearling class at Windsor Show and was also the Reserve CC.
Sarah Collins
Sarah Collins with her Bearded Collie



Crufts 2017


Sue & Jane McCourt Bedlington Terrier Dylan PD 1st
Bertie LD VHC GCDSD 2nd

Kensey Wright & Adrienne Thomas Afghan Hound Lucius Spl Yearling 1st

Brenda Marston PGBV JB 2nd

Debbie Parrish Rhodesian Ridgebacks Eilah PGB Ist
and Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate

Garth Smith Affenpinschers Jumble VD 2nd Junior PD 2nd

Linda Barker Standard Poodle Summer PB 5th

Liz Daniell Standard Poodle Snugs PGD 5th

Sarah Collins Beardie Eric OD 3rd

Lucie Allan Finnish Laphund Monttu JD 5th

Brian & Diane Goodall Briard Lilac PGB 4th

Christine Maynard Norwegian Buhund Orlov JD 1st

Pawel & Magda Radosz Akita Crystal PGB 5th

Helen & Rory Johnstone SCWT Obi PGD 2nd

Anne Vatcher Large Munsterlander Gertie JB VHC

Deidre Thomas Cavalier King Charles Spaniel PGD 5th

Shih-chi Chen ‘Chi’ Chihuahua Basil 1st Limit Dog

Ilona Ras Mastiff Mia MPB 2nd

Eric - CH Sammara Over The Moon
Sarah Collins and Eric - CH Sammara Over The Moon. 3rd in Open Dog.

Sarah at Crufts
Sarah at Crufts with Eric and Elsie


Sue and Jane McCourt's Dylan

Shih-chi Chen and Basil
Shih-chi Chen with Basil (and new baby!)

Shih-chi Chen and Basil
Shih-chi Chen and Basil

Debbis Parrish's Noah (Rottzridge Mad About The Boy)

Eilah (Rottzridge Me And My Girl)
Debbie Parish's Eilah (Rottzridge Me And My Girl)

Adrienne Thomas & Kensy Wright Afghan Hound Lucious


Brian and Diane's Lilac
Brian & Diane Goodall Briard Lilac

Anne Vatcher's Gertie
Anne Vatcher's Gertie

Rory & Helen's Obi
Rory & Helen's Obi

Wheaten Terriers
Picture © Yulia Titovets, official Crufts photographer

Lucie Hansen's beautifully behaved Monttu was placed 5th in Junior.