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Term Times


The first term of 2018 started on January 8th. Fees ahould have been paid.

Class fees vary and are payable by the term. Please contact us for details.


Enquiries for Agility in 2018 Here...



Ringcraft is on Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm. Classes have now stopped for Christmas and will re-start January 9th 2018

Class fee 5 per dog. Payable weekly.

Our Current Charity for 2017/2018 is...

Waggy Tails

Club Triathlon. 2013

Dire Straits - The Winning Team
Dire Straits. Winning Team of the 2013 Triathlon.

Our annual Triathlon is a chance for everyone to demonstrate how much fun you can have with a dog.
Everyone had a go at Ringcraft, Obedience, and Agility, and anyone who actually had any experience was penalised to even things up.
We had some 25 dogs in teams of 5.
Despite the occasional downpour, everyone had a good time, and winning was just an added bonus for the team Dire Straits.

Special thanks to Terry, who managed to barbecue enough food for the masses.
Also to our judges: Agility: David Lay (with Lynn and Blythe scoring, timing and drinking coffee) Obedience: Indira Helsby (with Sandy Evans stewarding) Ringcraft: Jenny Wiggins (with no help at all!)
Thanks to the committee for organising the event, which was raising funds for our charity - Medical Detection Dogs.

Our chairman about to show everyone how to show a dog
Our chairman about to show everyone how to show a dog

Our treasurer getting ready for a large drink
Our treasurer getting ready for a large drink

Dire Straits ringcraft
The eventual winners concentrating on making a good impression in ringcraft


Here is all the individual results for the Agility section. If I have spelt anyone's name or their dog's name wrong, please let me know and I'll correct it. (I can't read my own scribble!)


Hopeful Hounds

Handler Dog Faults Time
Terry Chloe 5 21.51
Helen Dash 70 86.74
Sheila Smudge Clear 15.03
Tracey Darcy 60 142.20
Gordon Lady 65 Retired

Dire Straits

Susan Sky Clear 19.56
Marion Mitzi Clear 16.98
Katerine Dermot 10 71.61
Alistair Oliver Clear 20.55
Lesley Dodger 5 30.03

Strictly Come Dogs

Shani Fizzy Clear 16.52
Des Alfie 20 152.72
Yvonne Millie 15 55.93
Brian Golly 5 55.55
Sheila Ludo 15 57.40

Warlingham Wallies

Sue Rosy 15 40.71
Janet Ruby Clear 20.19
Den Merlot Clear 17.40
Aga Triton 35 63.31
Sally Caramel Clear 21.80
Sally Fizz 65 Retired

Dynamic Dogs

Robert Bryne Clear 15.65
Chris Luger Clear 21.51
Denise Duffy 5 14.43
David Mingo 10 65.38

Am I Expected to Jump Those Jumps?