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Triathlon 2015

(Well, Now It's a Quadrathon!)



On Sunday 6th September WDTC held its annual Triathlon, which has now become a Quadrathon thanks to Jacky Carter and her Tricks class.

About 40 dogs competed across 6 teams, assembled at the behest of the club's instructors and committee so we all had to like it or lump it! It made for a fairer fun competition and we all got to know new people.

Scoring remains a mystery but as a proud member of "Warlingham's Finest" (we came last!) I can tell you the spread from first place to last place was reported by Indira as "running into hundreds of points".

The absolute beauty of this fun afternoon is, largely unbeknown to most of us, we all had to the chance to try a canine discipline under competition conditions. Agility was judged with rigid discipline and no quarter given, Ringcraft was considered with the studious attention of the Crufts arena, Obedience was properly judged with a firm but fair judge and a proper steward. Great fun it was, amateur it wasn't - but all the pressure was taken off and it was, said the Obedience judge, amazing how well everybody performed. That just left Tricks, for which I am sure there is no formal scoring mechanism. Jacky encouraged us all round and tried not to look horrified as our dogs stamped all over her keyboard and set about her toys with perhaps rather more enthusiasm than desired. I had rather hoped for a higher score for my dog, Dermott, but you can't win them all. In fact Dermott and I won nothing at all but it was great to see him relaxed and enjoying himself until he committed the ultimate crime and stole a pot of coleslaw from the buffet table!

A barbecue and raffle completed the afternoon, which finished around 5.30 p.m. - excellent value for just £6.00 per head.

The committee put up the usual cry for more committee members, or at least more help, and I think they were right to do so. Some 120 of us train with Warlingham and many of us have cause to be eternally grateful for the care and effort that goes in to guiding, encouraging, and advising us. I, for one, doubt Dermott would still be alive without the club as he was completely unmanageable. So, I think it a privilege to be allowed to help in a small way and would encourage all of we "foot soldier" members to do the same. Yesterday, it didn't have to be much at the end of the day. Simply just taking a few small items in the car to our container at John Fisher and helping put them away took barely 15 minutes and was gratefully received. I've learned a lot at Warlingham and it has opened up whole new horizons for me and my dog. Explore with us - you never know where that extra bit of involvement might take you!


Quad Winning Team
Mini Marvels - the winning team

Monochrome Monsters
Monochrome Monsters team - second place

Mitzi - Best in Show
Marion's Mitzi - The best in show winner


The Teams

(Sorry if I've spelt anyone's name wrong!)

Sue and Rosie
Nick and Betty
Chloe and Millie
Liz and Betsy
Ian and Sasha
Genette and Wilma

Des and Alfie
Marion and Ruby
Melissa and Bertie
Terry and Jaffa
Chris and Archie
Kate and Charlie

Alan and Sophie
Brenda and Remus
Janet and Ruby
Gordon and Lady
Katrina and Dermot

Robert and Emma
Gilda and Tip
Jan and Bella
Janet and Coco
Marylin and Poppy

Sue and Jess
Sheila and Jilly
Marion and Mitzi
Andrea and Louie
Rosalind and Bobby

Jane and Sorrel
Alison and Lucky
Shani and Merlin
Graham and River
Marylyn and Guy